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My name is Jennifer Spivey and my husband and I both grew up in the Preston Hollow area. My team and I have been providing real estate services for the Preston Hollow area since 1999! Recently, we joined AmericaHomeKey Realty. We are now able to offer buyers and sellers great mortgage and home loan opportunities, along with our regular real estate services.

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AmericaHomeKey, Inc. is a diverse real estate and mortgage service provider. Specializing in residential real estate, our associates have the financial strength to help you realize your homeownership dreams. With over $30 million dollars in assets, last year alone we provided nearly $500 million in mortgage financing. More importantly, we accomplished this with superior customer service and the attentiveness to details that only fine-tuned teamwork can provide.

The dynamics of the real estate market are ever changing. AmericaHomeKey Realty agents recognize and respect the customer’s desire for significant savings as well as the necessity to close the deal quickly. Only by taking an active role in both the real estate and mortgage transaction can this be accomplished. When working with our agents, you can be assured that the most advanced tools are utilized. Whether you are buying or selling, our state-of-the-art on-line services will save you valuable time and net the most favorable result. AmericaHomeKey, Realty, setting new standards for real estate services!

Bundled Services

By providing both real estate and mortgage services in one convenient location, we often save the consumer time and money. Whether you are saving in administration fees, using our on-line marketing domain or locking a low interest rate, we are determined to provide the best customer service available. Time is any consumer’s most valuable asset!

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